Why should I join YASS?

  • Experience the Philippine Startup and Tech Scene

    From the one of the pioneering startup community events, Raid the Fridge, to the hottest tech conference in Manila, Techtonic, learn more about startups and how the Philippine startup ecosystem continues to grow and interact with the rest of the world.
  • Career Building Networks

    Interact with speakers, startup founders, tech leaders, and investors from around the world to build their network for their careers and passions.
  • Cultural Exchange

    Be exposed to other cultures and perspectives especially when it comes to startups, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  • International Collaboration

    Get to work with delegates from other communities and come up with a solution that will help grow the startup culture in your team’s chosen community.
  • Awareness towards Action

    Bring home newfound connections and ideas, and contribute to growing the startup culture in your community.